White Collar Crimes and Public Corruption Division

The White Collar Crimes and Public Corruption Division aggressively prosecutes complex financial crimes and violations of Alabama’s ethics laws.

White Collar Crimes

Many white-collar crimes are especially difficult to prosecute because the perpetrators use sophisticated means to conceal their activities through a series of complex transactions. Our White Collar Crimes Division handles a wide array of cases involving complex employee fiduciary thefts and forgeries, financial exploitation of the elderly, mortgage fraud, computer crimes, and intricate identity theft and fraud schemes. The prosecutors assigned to this division have the experience, specialized training, and dedication necessary to effectively prosecute these labor-intensive cases.

Public Corruption

In order to maintain public confidence in the integrity of government, it is essential that public officials be independent and impartial. The Public Corruption Division was established to uphold fair and honest government and to ensure that public officials and public employees are always held to the highest level of ethical standards and accountability while serving as stewards of the public’s interests.