Drug Court

The Drug Court Program is not an easy way out, but it does afford an opportunity for first-time nonviolent offenders to redirect their lives. The program began in 1996 and uses the latest methods to break the cycle of addiction so prevalent in our society today. Through the intensively personalized and controlled restoration process, thousands have graduated from Drug Court and received a dismissal of the charge that put them in jail. Members stay in the program for a minimum of six months and they undergo frequent drug tests, receive counseling, and are required to perform community service. A defendant who successfully completes the program will not receive a conviction. However, if a defendant does not successfully complete the program, he or she will be sentenced as for any other conviction.

The eligibility requirements for Drug Court consideration are:
  • No prior Class A felony
  • No prior violence
  • No prior gun conviction
  • No prior drug distribution case
  • No gun at the time of the offense unless a valid permit is held
  • The defendant is not the target of a search warrant
  • Cannot be on probation in any other court unless for traffic offense (DUI not included)
  • Cannot have a pending case in another court unless for traffic offense (DUI not included)
  • There can be no evidence of selling drugs at time of the offense
  • The defendant’s behavior during arrest and the number of prior convictions are also taken into account for admittance into the program