November 13, 2018 Press Release

The Jefferson County District Attorney, Mike Anderton, announced on Friday that the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals has affirmed two cases from Jefferson County.   The first case involved the April 6, 2017 shooting death of Anthony Walker by Emanuel Leeandre Cade while Walker was an occupant of a truck.  Testimony at trial showed that witnesses heard gunshots and saw Cade running away from the truck in which Walker was seated.  Also, witnesses testified that Cade had fired a gun into a floor the night before and that shell casing was matched to the shell casings at the scene of Walker’s murder.  Cade was convicted of Capital Murder and sentenced to Life without Parole by Judge Clyde Jones.

The second case involved the conviction of Samdrekus Eugene Bester for the 2016 murder of Cuadereo Roseman.  Bester was charged and convicted for the shooting death of Roseman in the 1700 block of Alameda Avenue after Roseman was found in the middle of Alameda Avenue.  Testimony showed a verbal altercation between Bester and Roseman ended when Bester pulled a pistol and shot Roseman multiple times in the chest.  Bester was convicted of Murder and sentenced to Life in the penitentiary by Judge Clyde Jones.

Both of these cases were prosecuted by Deputy District Attorneys Shawn Allen and Kandice Pickett. Anderton was quoted as saying, “I am pleased that the Court of Criminal Appeals recognized the lengths to which Shawn Allen, Kandice Pickett and Judge Jones went in protecting the rights of the victims and the defendants in each of these cases.  Again, verbal altercations escalated into gunfire at the defendants’ insistence and two people are dead and two others go to prison.  Nothing was solved.”

A charge against a defendant is merely an accusation.  All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.