March 9, 2018 Press Release

Jefferson County District Attorney Mike Anderton announced today that criminal charges have formally been issued against an individual for the shooting death at Huffman High School on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.  Killed in the event was 17-year-old Courtlin Arrington, a Huffman High senior and aspiring nurse.  Michael Jerome Barber has been charged with Manslaughter and Certain Persons Forbidden to Possess a Pistol for bringing a pistol on to the campus of Huffman High and recklessly causing the death of Ms. Arrington.  Bonds have been set at $75,000.00 and $300.00 in the cases, respectively.  As the cases continue to be investigated for additional evidence, no further details on the circumstances are available at this time.

The District Attorney’s Office has examined the investigation of the Birmingham Police Department (BPD) and the evidence collected by BPD.  They have talked with many of the students in the school, in the classroom where the shooting took place and collected evidence from the scene.  Based on the evidence as presented to us, warrants were issued for the person responsible for this horrific tragedy.  

Our hearts go out to the family of Ms. Arrington, all of her friends, and those whose lives would have been changed through her nursing dreams had this event not occurred.  This is a parent’s worst nightmare.  We expect the charges will be heard through the court system and justice meted out to the person responsible.

Please know that the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office stands strong with the Huffman High School Vikings, The Birmingham School Board, and the Birmingham Police Department in denouncing the continued use of firearms by anyone to settle disputes. This is especially true for the students of our county, where they should be and feel safe in the learning environment of a school.

A charge against a defendant is merely an accusation.  All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.