Brandon K. Falls, District Attorney

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Welcome to the web-site of the District Attorney's Office of the Tenth Judicial Circuit of Alabama.  The Tenth Judicial Circuit is the majority of Jefferson County, Alabama and includes most of metropolitan Birmingham.  The elected District Attorney is Brandon K. Falls.  We hope this web-site will prove to be helpful, informative, and serve as an insight into the criminal justice system of Jefferson County, Alabama.  Please explore this site and provide us with whatever feedback you may have.

The Office of District Attorney is charged with the representation of the people of Alabama and protection of the Alabama and United States Constitution.  The primary function of the District Attorney's Office is to enforce the criminal laws of Alabama.  To that end, approximately forty attorneys work under District Attorney Falls prosecuting felonies of all types, misdemeanors, juvenile cases involving delinquencies or children in need of supervision, civil matters wherein the State has a specified interest and statutory authority, and various other matters assigned to the District Attorney by the laws of Alabama.

The District Attorney's Office is barred from offering civil advice to individuals.  While the District Attorney has general authority over criminal matters arising in Jefferson County, several specialized agencies also exercise jurisdiction of specific types of cases.  These cases include federal matters, specific administrative matters, and matters delegated to the Attorney General of Alabama.